Area scanners

These devices scan their environment using a quickly-rotating laser measurement beam. This allows them to detect objects even at long distances. With an opening angle of 190° and a measurement distance of up to 65 m, the laser scanner can monitor an area of one hectare. Object detection occurs in parallel in up to 4 detection fields. Convenient configuration software RODsoft permits the parameterization of 8 detection field pairs and 4 detection fields. The status output takes place via a serial interface and an optional warning output. Should service be necessary, the device can be swapped out and put back into operation extremely quickly thanks to the ConfigPlug configuration memory.
ROD4-56 plus 
  • Laser scanner
  • Measurement range, max.: 0 ... 65,000 mm
  • Scanning rate: 50 scans/s
  • Interface: Ethernet, RS 232, RS 422
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