High Signal Density in a Very Small Space

The installation solution MASI, the AS-Interface system from Murrelektronik, allows easy and low-cost connection of IO signals to superior control systems. MASI allows flexible installation concepts for control cabinet and field, without being tied to rigid topologies.

MASI20 from Murrelektronik is a particularly compact control cabinet module of innovative design with an excellent price/performance ratio.
  • Space Saving Design
  • A particularly compact design – saves installation space in the control cabinet
  • Low height– for use in decentralized terminal boxes
  • Practical arrangement of all coded push-In-terminals on the front panel – makes for easy connection and saves terminals in the cabinet
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Passively safe up to PL d (EN ISO 13849-1) – for the versions with semiconductor output in connection with, for example, the MIRO SAFE+ relays from Murrelektronik
  • AS-Interface and AUX-Power are internally bypassed – no interruption when individual modules are temporarily dismounted
  • Clear I/O diagnostics - through illuminated digit displays
  • Width of only 19 millimeters for all 28 connection points
  • Relay output modules with 2 A per output for 250 V AC or 30 V DC
  • Semiconductor output modules with 2 A per output for 30 V DC
  • Coded, labeled terminals for error-free mounting
  • Short-circuit-proof outputs and sensor supply
  • No additional short-circuit protection and line protection required

4 digital inputs, 4 digital, passive safety outputs
Weight:0.174 kg
Country of origin: CZ

Digital inputs/outputs
Safe outputs (Safety)
Output groups up to PLd (EN ISO 13849-1) can be switched off via safety relays
DI4 - 0.2 A DO4 - 0.5 A (AB) (K3)
Current manuals can be downloaded at:

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4 digital inputs, 4 digital relay outputs
Weight:0.125 kg
Country of origin: SG

Digital inputs/relay outputs
DI4 - 0.15 A DO4R - 2 A
Protection IP20
Current manuals can be downloaded at:

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