Mico Pro®

Modularized to the Maxium Effect
Mico Pro® is the innovative current monitoring system from Murrelektronik for 12 and 24 VDC applications with patented tripping process. The modular system enables you to adapt systems precisely to suit specific applications – offering a favorable cost-benefit ratio while also being economical in their use of space. The patented tripping process assures optimum machine availability. An additional benefit: an integrated concept for potential distribution that significantly declutters the switch cabinet wiring.

You can select between modules with one, two, or four output channels. On the Fix modules, the tripping currents (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 16 A) are fixed which makes them a tamper-proof solution. On the Flex modules, the tripping current can be adjusted at the touch of a button from 1 to 10 A or from 11 to 20 A. Their narrow width of 8, 12, or 24 millimeters enables significant savings in space. Up to 30,000 µF can be loaded per channel. So it's possible to monitor a number of high capacitive loads with one device.

Mico Pro can be cascaded. This means: on a Mico channel with a tripping current of more than 10 A, another Mico Pro station can be connected.

Full Power! Mico Pro available with integrated power supply
New switch-mode power supplies with an output current of 5 or 10 A can be integrated directly into Mico-Pro® stations. This combination creates more space inside the control cabinet because it replaces the power module. The switch-mode power supply continues to support features like general alarm message, 90 percent early warning, control signal for remote maintenance. You can also supply up to 20 A of power by enabling the parallel mode. Energy efficiency is high, keeping control cabinet temperatures low. With practical bridges that snap in, the switch-mode power supply devices can be connected to the monitoring modules in a few easy steps, without the need for extra wiring.

Build Your Own Mico Pro Online
The intelligent current monitoring system from Murrelektronik can be fully customized to optimally meet the needs of the application. The new online configurator makes this process easy.

Mico Pro® stands for

  • Modularity – precise right down to the last channel
  • Integrated potential distribution concept – significantly simplifies switch cabinet wiring
  • Practical handling – assembly without tools
  • Diagnostics – on the module or via the PLC
  • Channel-specific switching – replaces the coupling level
Mico Pro Power module
IN: 24 V DC / 40A, 16mm² / Cover plate included (heavy duty)
Alternative product:9000-41084-0401000
Weight:0.193 kg
Country of origin: CZ
Mico Pro® PM 24 V DC/40 A
Cover plate included (heavy duty)
Shock load
1/2 sin 40 g, 11 ms
Build your own Mico Pro® online:

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Mico Pro electronic circuit protection, 2 channels
IN: 24 V DC OUT: 24 V DC / 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10A
Alternative product: 9000-41012-0600000
Weight:0.081 kg
Country of origin: CZ
Mico Pro® flex 2.10
2 channels
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 A
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Mico Pro Potential distributor 2 x 2 x 06
Multiplying two channels 5-times , max 20 A each channel
Alternative product: 9000-41000-0000212
Weight:0.113 kg
Country of origin: CZ
Mico Pro® PD 2× 2× 06
2 channels per (×5)
Build your own Mico Pro® online:

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Mico Pro electronic circuit protection, 4 channels
IN: 24 V DC OUT: 24 V DC / 4 A
Alternative product: 9000-41094-0101000
Weight:0.108 kg
Country of origin: CZ
Mico Pro® fix 4.4
4 channels
Current adjustment 4 A
Build your own Mico Pro® online

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