Linear Cameras

Linear cameras are a subset of stationary industrial scanners’ solutions and are used in applications where there is a critical need for the highest possible read rates on fast-moving goods. Like other stationary industrial scanners, they are designed for use in areas that are not permanently manned by human personnel. Courier, 3PL, postal sorting, retail, distribution, and e-commerce are key areas where self-contained, highly reliable cameras give companies the leading edge. Linear cameras give the perfect mix of long-range reading and 360° coverage for identifying any barcode (1D, 2D, Digimarc) and high-resolution image capture. Installation and maintenance are simple thanks to the web-based setup, field swappable compact flash cards and secure mounting brackets. Whether your application requires image-based, single or multiside, omni-direction, or linear imager, Datalogic has you covered.

Linear cameras offer companies the power to maximize their operational capabilities by helping to increase processing speed. This and the additional traceability are of utmost importance to manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, postal and distribution processes. Thanks to this innovative technology, companies will see a quick return on investment due to the increased throughput. The camera ensures there are no misreads, eliminating the need for time-consuming human intervention and verification.


Top class high-end linear camera for T&L applications
Linear Cameras Common Applications
When your organization is looking for the most powerful linear cameras in the Auto-ID market, Datalogic has everything you need. If you need to add extended barcode reading cameras to your main sorting and induction lines, integrate barcode reading capabilities to your conveyor systems, or automate your distribution model, linear cameras offer a single point solution for a wide range of applications. From shipping and receiving to Work-In-Progress (WIP), traceability and packaging, linear cameras solutions offer a complete solution. Common applications for linear cameras include:

  • Postal and courier express sorting
    Packages of all different shapes and sizes require rapid identification and sorting. Right from the point of pick-up to the destination, you need to know that all items are being delivered accurately and efficiently. Linear cameras allow you to maintain high recognition even on partially damaged or badly applied labels. Verification against customer-specific databases helps you ensure the right parcels get sent to the right destination, with real-time traceability in case of any errors

  • Dimensioning weight and scan
    The addition of dimension and weight measurement capabilities to the embedded scan functionality creates the DWS (Dimensioning Weight & Scan) solution, enabling the capture of product/packaging dimensions and weight as the package passes through the scan point. The system integrates the barcode, weight and dimension data into a single message that can be used for sortation and verification.

  • Reverse logistics
    Transport and logistics require visibility in the returns process when managing your supply chain. Our linear cameras work with your enterprise systems such as WMS on any returned items. These are quickly identified, processed as customer returns, put back into inventory as surplus stock, or identified for refurbishment and scrap.

  • Optical character recognition
    Our linear cameras consistently capture high-resolution images of every item at high speed, and these are ready for use with OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Unlocking additional capabilities such as OCR, Video Coding and Analytics are via collaboration with partners in the industrial market.

  • Hazardous material label recognition
    Utilizing high-resolution images, the machine vision pattern sorting algorithms can easily identify logos, graphical artwork, warning labels, or specialist symbols on packages. Customizing delivery for specific end users or identifying hazardous contents keeps your operations moving at speed without compromising performance.
Linear Cameras Main Benefits
Linear cameras bring added value to your stationary industrial scanners’ operations. They set a new standard in the T&L, express sorting, retail distribution sectors. These powerful devices provide superior read rate performance on smaller or damaged codes. The ease of installation and easy field maintenance make these the easy choice when it comes to increasing your throughput without the need to employ lots of additional personnel.

  •  Read rate
    An increase in read rate or throughput of 1-2% compared to other solutions, leading to reductions in operative costs.

  • Top reading performance
    Will not let you down even on the highest speed, most demanding applications where time is money. The next generation autofocus system ensures you never miss a single barcode.

  • Advanced image saving capability
    Capture and save high-resolution complete images instead of just partial images. The ultimate for traceability applications when the ability to make quick decisions is of paramount importance. Save every image without any impact on camera performance.

  • Complete solution
    The AV7000 is pre-configured to easily integrate with other Datalogic devices such as machine vision processors to provide a complete solution such as pattern sorting, hazardous label detection, or multi-camera solutions.

  • Barcode analytics
    WebSentinel software suite from Datalogic is the advanced monitoring add on for linear cameras. It helps you extract value from captured data and ensures the highest real-time Auto-ID performance.

  • Traceability
    Track every package and product from start to finish. Every step of your process, whether in manufacturing or distribution, is accounted for. Giving you the ability to make decisions in real-time, preventing any bottlenecks or problems before they occur.

  • All in one solution
    A completely self-contained unit for all your needs. Simply add cameras depending on your requirements from single side to 360° scanning.

  • Standard solution
    Datalogic linear cameras provide a simple configuration and setup that can quickly be swapped out in the event of a malfunction, ensuring minimal impact on your operation.

  • Interface
    Datalogic provides user-friendly web-based configuration and set up tools for all our linear cameras, allowing for customization to meet your business needs quickly and easily.

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