Photo-electronic Press Brake Laser Guard

Product Attributes
Model No.: BLPS
Certification: CE
Wavelength: 635nm
Safety Standard: Type 4 European Standard
Applicable Standards: IEC61496-1(Type4)\ IEC61496-2(Type4)
Response Time: < 8ms
Light Source: Class 1 Laser
Operating Range: 0m - 20m
Protection Class: IP65
Power Consumption: < 5W
Output Type: PNP
Product Description
BLPS laser protection to avoid bending machine operators due to the rapid movement of the machine tool liang, more perilous BLPS may install beam under liang or workbench, and below the point of the area were formed by a pair of transmitting and receiving end laser beam correlation, which produced by a laser beam in the direction of the bending captain degrees a detection area.Any opaque shielding enters the lower part of the tool tip and interrupts the laser beam MSD.

Production introduction
BLPS laser safety protective device is designed for personal safety used on hydraulic bender.
The dynamic test technology it used has passed the Type 4 functional safety assessment by TUV, and get the national invention patent. The product reaches the advanced technological level of similar products.
BLPS laser safety device provides protection zone near the die tip of the bender to protect fingers and arms of the operator in close to the upper mold die tip. It is the most effective solution so far to preserves the safety and productivity of the bender.

Product composition
Consist of emitter, receiver, controller, transmission cable and power cable.

Product features
Class 1 laser product, safe to human eyes.
Set L- type protective beam near the upper mold die tip and the detecting beam move parallel with the upper mold die tip.
Comprehensive function design to meet the security requirements of processing different shapes of the workpiece;
Independent control system, the applicable to the bender without the programming ability.
Good resistance to electromagnetic interference and light interference.

Sensors can be used alone with the control system of the press brake. Three detecting beams provide six channels of OSSD outputs, and each detecting beam provides two independent safety outputs in the form of PNP.
Receiver outputs high level under the light-passing state and outputs low level under the light-shaded state. After the object which is blocking the detecting beam remoed, OSSD automatically turns to the ON-state.

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