2D Imager Readers

Data capture for maximized throughput
Datalogic’s family of 2D Imager Readers will transform your traceability capabilities in all logistics, intralogistics and shop-floor stationary industrial scanners applications. They bring industry-leading performance, flexibility, and a low total cost of ownership to machine builders and end users, and effortlessly read the most challenging printed labels and directly marked parts. All the 2D Imager Readers have the features and capabilities that enable the highest throughput possible and the most reliable performance. These features include easy setup with continual feedback, an extensive range of modular lens and lighting options, and cross network industrial connectivity for any situation. By utilizing the latest in sensor technology, Datalogic’s image-based ID scanners provided the most cost-effective stationary industrial scanners solutions available on the market. Datalogic’s 2D imager readers are equipped with state-of-the-art CMOS sensors that provide an unbelievable performance. The various 2D imager readers in resolutions from WVGA to 9MP providing the ideal device to maximize your ROI When combined with the advanced image processing electronics and smart lighting solutions, you have a family high-speed imagers that can easily decipher the most challenging and hard to read barcodes such as those in intralogistics, or DPM barcodes such as those in the automotive and electronics industry. The combined large field of view and amazing depth of field also provides the capability to meet the highest speed demands present in the packaging industry. The high-end imagers also have advanced multiple dynamic focus options including the Datalogic exclusive sequential focus that doubles the depth of field without any external focus input devices. All the 2D imager readers are designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding industrial stationary industrial scanners applications. The 2D imager readers are built to bring maximum performance at the most competitive conditions.
AV Series

High-performance industrial imagers for either attended or...
Matrix 320 Series

 Empower your Traceability and Boost your Productivity with...
Matrix 220

Matrix 220 imager is a compact 2D imager barcode reader
Matrix 120

The smallest ultra-compact industrial 2D imager

Out-of-the-box 2D imager solution for material handling and...
Matrix 410N

High performance industrial 2D imager for applications
Meeting a variety of application needs
Every customer faces different challenges in developing their vision for implementation of a successful stationary industrial scanners traceability plan throughout their established enterprise. The Transportation and Logistics, and Manufacturing industries dictate additional application requirements. Datalogic’s family of available image-based ID scanners span possibilities from small fixed position area imager to the industry leading high-speed linear camera. Datalogic’s family of image-based ID scanners set a high bar for image-based readers on all conveyor sizes, airport baggage handling systems as well as static reading applications. In addition, advance their decode capabilities, you can choose from different optics, and set up either dynamic or SW adjustable focus to tweak performance to suit your needs. Extended capabilities bring extended possibilities.

Targeted benefits to maximize throughput for demanding applications
The Datalogic 2D imager readers portfolio address the demanding requirements in all the stationary industrial scanners applications in the Manufacturing and Transportation and Logistics markets such as extended depth of field, large field of view, industrial communications, user safety and the ruggedness of the enclosure. Common benefits found include:

  • Ruggedness
    Protect your investment. Enclosures with robust designs, varied IP ratings up to IP67, extended operating temperature range up to 50C, all combine to give a strong ROI.

  • Communications
    Choose the communication features that are right for individual customers such as - TCP/IP, UDP, FTP, FTPS and Fieldbus PROFINET IO, Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP.

  • Decoding
    Realize exception decode performance with multicore image processing platform that is ideal for high speed applications. Hardware acceleration to speed up algorithms and improve decoding capabilities further improves the performance that enables maximum throughput.

  • Illumination
    Lighting color and intensity are easily selectable based on the code type, material that the code is on, and the color of the material for maximized read rate.

  • Ease of Use
    With the advanced setup and configuration tools such as E-genius and DL Code users are guaranteed optimal performance and maximized throughput.

  • Multi-focus capabilities
    Dynamic, Sequential, SW adjustable allow for the highest degree of optimization and providing excellent performance over the widest range of application requirements.

  • Interoperability
    All of the image-based ID scanners can function in a system together, allowing the system to be optimized for performance at the lowest overall system cost.

  • Image Saving
    Multi-standard image saving options using optimized image compression algorithms, parallel image transfer, and multiple channels at different image compressions extend the functionality of the devices to such applications as OCR and video coding.
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