Loss Prevention

LaneHawk LH5000

Loss prevention detects and recognizes bottom-of-the-basket...

Protect your investments the smart way
A successful ROI is not ensured merely by stocking shelves with interesting and desired goods, teaming your stores with staff, and opening your doors to the public. Your investments must be protected from any causes of shortage both from the inside and outside.  Loss Prevention can have a devastating impact on your overall bottom line month to month.  The source of these shortages can vary.  Intentional or non-intentional actions, negligent business practices and acts of vandalism may be the instigating force of realized shortages.  On a personal level the origination of such practices may be from vendors, customers and other outside forces as well as employees.  A common tactic of shoppers in contributing to shortages would be to have items obscured in the bottom-of-basket (BOB).  Datalogic designs scanners to give the retailer peace of mind, knowing there are technologies in place to stand up to shrinkage.

Stop Loss - Reduce the impact of BOB shortages
Implementation of a technologically advanced loss prevention system will immediately begin to increase store revenues by virtue of decreasing the shortages caused by BOB missed items.  The LaneHawk™ Loss Prevention System includes the LaneHawk LH5000 camera.  The LH5000 camera uses Visual Patter Recognition (ViPR™) software, barcodes and Digimarc® barcodes to aid its detection for BOB items. Integration of the camera into the check-stand will not interfere with customer item throughput, while monitoring, recognizing and transmitting missed BOB items to the POS for cashier resolution. 

Stop Loss – Improve accuracy of weighing at the POS
 Loss Prevention tactics extend to the accurate weighing of items at the POS. Oversized produce no longer needs to be the cause of loss of revenue through weighing at the POS.  Datalogic’s All-Weighs™ Scale Platter provides an extended weighing surface on the scanner bonnet on which produce can lean.  ScaleSentry™ Technology is an additional way to arm against loss of revenue during the check-out process.  Misplaced items on the platter of the scanner that aren’t in the scales’ boundaries will show an improper weight.  Implementation of infrared beams down the side of the platter will sense.  When an item breaks the beam plane, the cashier will be alerted to re-center the item.  The result of this system is the improved weighing accuracy. More accurate weighing equals improved ROI.

Loss Prevention Benefits
Shrinkage at the check-out can represent a substantial impact on a stores bottom.  High ticket items can be obscured on the BOB and simply be walked out the door.  Weights of produce off by just a few ounces each time will compound to significant losses for the retailer by end of year.  Datalogic offers the retailer a few key benefits in the fight surrounding Loss Prevention:

- Accuracy
Enjoy effortless, accurate weighing of long and bulky items on extended scale platter

- Monitoring
Reduce the loss from oversize items placed outside the weighing areas with ScaleSentry Technology

- Improved ROI
Decrease BOB shortages and realize increased profits up to 10% daily giving a quick return on ROI

- Scalability
Integrate established and next generation retail technologies easily with the LaneHawk Loss Prevention System

- Real time alerts
Recognize immediate alerts of BOB items, description and UPC information sent to POS

- Training
Enjoy boosts to ROI with minimal downtime for staff training
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