Sale Safety Laser Scanner

Product Attributes
Model No.: LSPD
Safety Level: Type 3, PLd
Scanning Angle Range: 190°
Angle Resolution: 0.36°
Maximum Radius Of Protection Zone: 4m/5m/6m/7m
Maximum Radius Of Warning Zone: 15m
Product Description
Widely used in automobile, motorcycle, mold making,precision machinery, footwear, household , appliances, cultural imitation, costume design, heavy industry, light industry and other . Manufacturing industries, greatly enhance the industry productivity.

Product Introduction:The detecting zone includes protective area and warning area. The maximum radius of protective area in 4m and the dark object with reflectivity low to 1.8% can be detected reliably in this area; the maximum radius of warning area is 15m and the object with the reflectivity more than 20% can be detected reliably in this area.
When a person or an object enters the detecting zone, the scanner sends an alarm signal or a stop signal.
Users can set the detecting zone to any complex and irregular shape according to the site requirement.
Product compositionConsist of scanner, power cable, configuration cable and configuration software.

Product features
LSPD is the first Safety Laser Scanner in China. The performance can meet advanced level in the world. It meetssafety requirement of IEC 61496 Type 3 and ISO 13849 PLd.
Maximum scan radius 15, maximum scan range 190 degree.
User can set the protection area and warning area according to requirement by connecting the scanner with computer.
Class 1 laser product. Safe with human eye.
Fast response speed. 25000 scanning times can be finished in 1 second. The default response time is 80ms.
High detecting resolution, angle resolution is 0.36 degree. Object of 7cm radius can be detected at 4 meter.
Narrow band filting technology, high capacity of anti light interference.
Professional EMC design and stern test to ensure the product is stable and reliable under complicated electromagnetic environment.

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