Machine Vision

Machine Vision offers widest range of smart devices for in-line automated inspection and factory automation.
Smart cameras and industrial vision processors offers multiple solutions covering a wide range of performance and price point requirements.
Machine vision solutions can be used to identify parts through barcode, by reading characters (OCR), or recognizing patterns; to detect defects and locating parts; to guide robots’ arms; to help control the process of the manufacturing line.
Smart cameras mean the flexibility of a full-blown vision system packed into a compact housing, thus simplifying the device integration on the machine.
Industrial vision processors and cameras offer cutting edge image processing capabilities, vision processors enable high-end multi camera machine vision solutions.
The easy and intuitive IMPACT configuration software is common to all smart cameras and industrial vision processors. It features over 120 inspection tools and controls to create unique inspection programs and develop user interfaces quickly and easily Machine vision accessories range from filters and lenses to lighting, cables and interfaces, brackets and enclosures.
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