Cat4 Infrared Beam Safety Light Curtain Barrier Sensor

Product Attributes

Model No.: KS06
Function Type: Infrared Range and Communication System
Material: Metal
IP Rating: IP65
Certification: CE
Customized: Customized
Response Time: ≤10ms
Resolution/Detection Capability: 14mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm
Operating Range: 0~3m,0~6m, 2~9m(customeried)
Output Type: PNP Or NPN
Safety Standard: Type 4
Applicable Standards: GB/T19436.1; GB/T 19436.2; GB4584-2007

Product Description
KS06 AOPD can effectively detect all opaque objects in the light curtain area that exceed the detection accuracy.An invisible infra-red signal is sent from the emitter and this is picked up by the lens system of the receiver and evaluated either by an integral or external safety monitoring module. If the light beam is interrupted, the secure outputs are switched.

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