With Kübler you can reliably record every movement in your application.

From rotary speed measurement and position detection to linear position and speed detection for lengths up to 42.5 m, and even the angle of inclination. Kübler sensors are the result of the highest quality awareness, careful material selection, and the guiding principle of always offering you added value. Our sensors are used in a variety of industries, creating trust worldwide with high performance, robustness, and long service life. Find the right sensor solution for your application.
Speed measurement and position detection using incremental and absolute encoders. Different installation sizes. Optical or magnetic. Standard, fieldbus, and Industrial Ethernet interfaces. Special approvals.
Bearingless encoders
Speed measurement and position detection using bearingless encoders. A contactless measuring principle and magnetic sensor technology ensure robustness and a long service life. Space-saving sensor solution.
Motor feedback systems for servo motors
Precise speed and position detection with the outstanding Sendix S36 absolute encoder. One for all: Consistent 36 mm size allows reduction of the number of motor variants, standardization of mounting, and flexibility.
Linear measuring systems
Linear position and speed detection using shaft copying systems, draw-wire encoders up to 42.5 m in length, magnetic length measuring systems, and custom-combinable length measuring sets / measuring wheel systems.
Shaft copying systems
Absolute positioning of the elevator car with linear shaft copying system. Sensor technology ranging from simple sensors up to certified sensor technology and even SIL3. Meets safety requirements according to EN 81-20/21/50.
Precise and reliable measurement of the angle of inclination in the measuring range from 0 to 360° or ±85°. Unmistakable accuracy – even in the harshest environments. Analog, CANopen, or Modbus interfaces.
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