MICO Basic

Monitors, Detects, Reacts

MICO Basic is Murrelektronik's intelligent power distribution module for 24 V DC applications. It monitors the power distribution and reacts to short circuits by shutting the channel down as late as possible but as early as necessary. MICO Basic is perfect for any application that protection a lot of sensors and actuators with similar demands. The current ranges are preset and the modules monitor four or eight channels with 2, 4 or 6 A.

The Electronic Circuit Control for 24 V DC
  • 4 or 8 output channels
  • Preset tripping currents: 2, 4 or 6 A
  • Saves space! Requires 66% less space compared to circuit breakers
  • Remote start with a 24 V DC signal
  • Group alarm contact
  • Minimal power loss
  • Temperature independent
  • Perfect shut-down function: as early as necessary, as late as possible
MICO BASIC 8.4 electronic circuit protection, 8 CHANNELS
IN: 24 V DC OUT: 24 V DC / 4 A CL2
Alternative product: 9000-41084-0100600
Weight:0.16 kg
Country of origin: CZ
8 channels
Current adjustment 4 A

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MICO BASIC 4.4 electronic circuit protection, 4 CHANNELS
IN: 24 V DC OUT: 24 V / 4 A CL2
Alternative product:9000-41084-0100400
Weight:0.12 kg
Country of origin: CZ
4 channels
Current adjustment 4 A

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