OEM Barcode Readers

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) scan engines and scan modules solutions are specifically designed for embedded applications in a variety of industries. Scan engines and scan modules offer various options for how data is captured and output over various interfaces to your host system. Available in either RS232 or USB interfaces, the scan engine or scan module can capture data accurately and efficiently to ensure your system provides the highest level of traceability.

Scan engines and scan modules allow innovative companies to increase their throughput, improve their accuracy, and add a high level of traceability to any application within the healthcare, retail, transportation & logistics, and manufacturing verticals. Integrating scan engines and scan modules in these types of applications provides a cost-effective way to enhance traceability within the application with the ultimate in reliability and accuracy. Since 1972, Datalogic helps you maximize your organizations capabilities with innovative OEM barcode readers.

Magellan 34xxVSi OEM

Now available in an OEM format.


The DE1011-SR is a high performing miniature 1D linear...

Gryphon I GFS4400 2D

This module is a ‘plug-and-play’ solution with advanced...

DB0431 OEM Decoder

DB0431 OEM Decoder is a general-purpose decoder board

DE2011-DL Scan Engine

Ultra-compact high performance 2D imager


Big performance in a small package

Gryphon I GFE4400 2D

Halogen DE210X Micro scan engine for outstanding motion...

Gryphon I GFS4100

Halogen DE210X Micro scan engine for outstanding motion...

Halogen DE210X Micro

Halogen DE210X Micro scan engine for outstanding motion...

Halogen DE2171-AF

Halogen DE2171-AF is a decoded scan engine

Halogen DE2X12 2D MP

 The Halogen DE2X12 is an ultra-compact 2D MP imager scan...

Magellan 1500i OEM

The Magellan 1500i OEM is a high-performance presentation...

DSE04XX Series

The DSE Miniature 2D Decoded Scan Engine

Scan Engines and Scan Module Applications

Whether your organization is looking to embedded scan engines or scan modules to your self service kiosk, clinical analyzer, or access control station, Datalogic offers OEM barcode readers with the highest in reliability and accuracy in a small cost effective solution.

  • Retail Applications
    Embedded barcode scan engines and scan modules are found in a wide variety of applications in retail. Kiosks continue to gain traction as the need for automated self service solutions offers customers a contactless and efficient interaction for transactional purposes. From checking in for your flight to checking out your groceries, Datalogic has an embedded scan engine or scan module to fit any kiosk application.

  • Transportation & Logistics Applications
    Boarding and ticket readers continue to be the most popular application in this vertical. Datalogic offers a solution to fit your application, whether you’re looking for a fast and easy user interaction or the highest in accurate traceability with customers tickets.

    Secure postal lockers or cabinets are being deployed all over the US. These cabinets ensure a secure and contactless delivery method for your packages and mail. Datalogic offers a variety of scan engines and scan modules to meet the needs of these applications.

  • Healthcare Applications
    Clinical analyzers and lab test equipment have been an integral part of our healthcare system for years. Datalogic offers compact and cost-effective scan engines and scan modules for these systems. Datalogic has been a pioneer in the ability to read test tubes or other consumable used within these systems.

  • Manufacturing Applications
    Datalogic has ruggedized fixed mount scan modules that are used in a variety of applications. From counting inventory to ensuring manufacturing steps are followed, there is a scan module solution perfect for your application.

    With warehouse automation at the forefront of customers’ mind, Datalogic has scan modules and scan engines designed to be used within robotic and AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) systems. Scanning direction based instructional barcodes or verifying the DPM (direct part mark) mark on a component Datalogic has the right scan engine or scan module for the job.
Embedded Scan Engines and Scan Module Common Benefits

The benefits of adding OEM barcode readers to your systems are virtually limitless. Increasing efficiency and accuracy are always at the top of anyone’s list for improving a process. Datalogic offers a complete portfolio of scan engines and scan modules to adapt and fit to your various applications needs and goals.

  • Accuracy
    Eliminate human error and prevent unnecessary waste of resources.

  • Increased Quantities
    Accelerate your throughput and maximize your applications productivity.

  • Data Management
    Use the output data to enhance your processes in virtually any field-bus communication protocol, removing the need for manual data entry.

  • Traceability
    Track every item ensures nothing is missed during the interaction.

  • Quality
    Increase the quality of your product using extremely reliable, solid state barcode imaging technology. A solid-state scan engine or module ensures extremely high MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) to ensure your device is consistently performing with zero down time.

  • Size
    Compact and small scan engines or scan modules ensures your overall device can be as compact as possible.
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