TUV Certified Infrared Curtain Sensor

Product Attributes

Model No.: T4 safety light curtain
Function Type: Infrared Range and Communication System
Material: Metal
IP Rating: IP65
Certification: TUV
Customized: Customized
Response Time: 14ms - 65ms
Resolution/Detection Capability: 18mm, 28mm, 38mm, 48mm
Operating Range: 0~3m,0~6m, 0~12m, 8~20m, 0~40m
Output Type: PNP/NPN Or Relay Contact
Protective Height: 100mm-2000mm
Safety Standard: Type 4 European Standard
Applicable Standards: IEC61496-1(Type4)\ IEC61496-2(Type4)

Product Description
Suitable to the actual filed conditions, protection height, resolution spacing, distance etc. can be tailored. Exclusively designed IC for improved the noise resistance. Inside surge protection, reverse polarity protection, overcurrent protection. Long use-life cycle and high reliability, easy install, enconomic price.

SDKELI T4 series Safety Light Curtain is the first safety light curtain that has passed TUV certification. It can be used to integrate the controller functionsinto the sensor. It is the safety light curtain provided to the device that does not require a controller but requires level signal control through risk assessment. It can output two-way safe PNP signals.

Product features
Dual independent OSSD output;
External relay contact monitor (EDM) function;
Provide two-way PNP signal output, with higher safety performance;
The detection ability is up to 14mm, suitable for finger protection;
The maximum operating range is up to 6m;
With good vibration damping performance, it is applicable to the presses with high speed and large or small tonnage, featuring a long service life;
Output overload and short circuit protection;
Infrared light communication and special optical system;
The ability to resist light interference and electromagnetic interference is strong and the operating is more stable;

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