System Integration

Datalogic stationary industrial scanner products are found across nearly every industry and are instrumental in keeping everything flowing. Critical systems such as those used in airport Baggage Handling Systems (BHS), Mass Flow Detection Systems (MFDS) for non-conveyable parcels, and Tire Sorting applications require complex data integration and transfer. Although much of this is taken for granted, there are powerful connectivity solutions from Datalogic for the facilitation of data transfer.

The new generation of system controllers elevating the...

SC5000 is a high performance industrial controller

Industrial controller for high speed data collection
The most powerful of these is the flagship SC5100 System Controller that provides integration throughout the stationary industrial scanner portfolio of DS/DX laser readers, AV imagers, DM dimensioners.

The SC5100 and its predecessors are the enabling technologies behind getting the best from your Datalogic SIS hardware. More than 90% of SC5100s  are found in Transportation & Logistics, conveyor systems and sorter applications, as well as being embedded in Intralogistics and Manufacturing operations. The SC5100 brings together and integrates data streams from Datalogic and 3rd party hardware components such as RFID readers, weighing scales, and IP cameras. Complex solutions such as the BHS and MFDS mentioned above become straightforward projects, collecting and presenting all the relevant information at your fingertips. The inclusion of gigabit ethernet switches and optional fieldbus modules ensure that configuration and monitoring can be carried out locally or remotely. The SC5100  is the latest and most advanced connectivity enabler from Datalogic, designed to take integration to the next level.

System integration remains a priority for Datalogic. The SC5100 is the latest in a long line of system controllers, dating back to over 20 years. The very first model was the SC8000, released in 1999. This was followed by the SC4000, SC5000, and SC6000. Despite the many technological advancements in the evolution of the SC series of controllers, the two most attractive features are: 1. ease of integration and installation, and 2. ease of configuration, monitoring, and maintenance. The idea is simply to allow a mixture of inputs from multiple devices without unnecessary headaches. This is especially important to:
  • End users at CEP, Retail and E-commerce distribution centers
  • 3PL and Intralogistics
  • Process automation
  • Operations and maintenance managers
  • System integrators and system engineers
  • Project managers and procurement
This is especially important in any type of high-speed automated sorting system where single or multi-side technology identification is required. Of course, there are a multitude of data streams to integrate, and the SC5100 is the glue that holds everything together. A combination of mixing proprietary data, standard data, and the use of open architectures for communications make it the key component of modern-day solutions supported by Datalogic.
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