Light curtains

Switching light curtains are perfect for monitoring large measurement fields. They react as soon as anything or anyone penetrates this field. Their fast configuration and simple handling save time and money compared to imaging processes. Thanks to different beam spacings and measurement field lengths, switching light curtains can be used to solve a range of application problems.
Narrow design
  • Space-saving housing, just 10 mm wide.
  • Beam spacings between 5 and 100 mm
  • 5 m operating range and measurement field lengths up to 3100 mm

Standard design
  • 4 configurable inputs/outputs and IO-Link interface
  • Response time of just 30 μs for very fast processes
  • Lateral housing groove enables very flexible mounting

Reflection principle
  • Reflection principle with operating range up to 700 mm
  • Detection of small objects (e.g., 10 x 10 x 1 mm) at up to 3.5 m/s
  • Readjustment when soiled, warning output for prefailure messages

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