Machine Tool Safety Controller PLC

Product Attributes
Model No.: CSRME Safety Controller

Product Description
In the environment of the automation, integrated security system becomes more important, only CPSTL security controller USES the intelligent interface technology, can be used in safety engineering, CPSTL security controller provides to connect to the security products and a complete set of machine products

Product introduction:
CSRME Safety Controller is developed for standard GB27607. By monitoring machine tool safety related equipment, the security of machine control system can meet the requirements of GB27607, and its security meets the requirements of ISO13849-1 (PLe) and IEC61508 (SIL3). CSRME is rich in interface and has limited programmable function. It can replace a variety of different types of safety control modules or secure PLC at the same time, greatly simplifying the safety design of the machine control system and reducing the cost.
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