Ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic sensors are used whenever optical systems reach their limits. Hence, partially and fully transparent or extremely dark objects can be detected just as easily as objects with reflecting surfaces or objects in dusty, vaporous or humid environments.

Compact ultrasonic sensors for challenging applications
New switching and measuring ultrasonic sensors
Ultrasonic sensors are problem solvers for challenging detection and measurement tasks. They are used wherever conditions are not ideal for optical sensors. For example, when detecting objects with sound-reflecting surfaces or in harsh, dusty or vaporous production environments.

The ultrasonic technology ensures a broad range of applications in many different industries: An ultrasonic sensor emits an acoustic pulse and measures the time the acoustic pulse reflected by an object takes to return to the sensor. The principle of propagation time measurement is used to precisely calculate the distance to the object. The ultrasonic waves are reflected by the object, completely irrespective of the type of surface. This means that sound-reflecting materials – glossy or reflective, transparent or extremely dark – do not hinder reliable detection. Products with hard-to-identify geometries or fill levels of liquids, powders or granulates can also be checked contactlessly and extremely precisely using ultrasonic sensors.

The new cylindrical ultrasonic sensors in robust metal housings are particularly suitable for applications in the packaging or automotive industry. The HTU 208 compact ultrasonic sensors for object detection are characterized by their extremely slimline design (M8 threaded sleeve). They can also be installed in confined production environments and detect fill levels using a narrow sound cone, even through very small container openings. The HTU 212 sensors in the next larger design (M12) are used in cramped ambient conditions where a high operating range is required. Thanks to their IO-Link interface, the HTU 218 switching ultrasonic sensors (M18) are extremely easy to configure.
The measuring ultrasonic distance sensors of the DMU 218 series with analog output have been developed for precise distance measurement. The switching and measuring ultrasonic sensors with M30 design achieve operating ranges of up to 6 meters. An IO-Link interface enables quick and easy operation of the sensors.

Advantages for you
Reliable detection of liquids and solid objects with sound-reflecting surfaces
Can also be used under harsh ambient conditions: ultrasonic sensors are not affected by steam, humidity, dust or ambient light
Maximum flexibility for your application: with 4 different sizes (M8, M12, M18, M30) and operating ranges between 0.1 m and 6 m
Flexible use thanks to switching and measuring models in one series
Object detection and presence control with switching ultrasonic sensors (HTU)
Distance measurement with ultrasonic distance sensors with analog output (DMU)
Short length allows use even in confined spaces
Robust metal housing
The sensors are dust-proof and achieve degree of protection IP 67
Quick and easy operation of the sensors with IO-Link interface
Detection of glossy, reflective, transparent or dark objects
Ultrasonic technology is able to capture objects regardless of their surface properties. The new ultrasonic sensors detect solids, liquids, powders or granulates extremely reliably.
Specialist for constrained spaces and small container openings
The HTU208 compact ultrasonic sensors in M8 size have been developed for use in small installation spaces. The switching sensors feature an extremely narrow sound cone and detect fill levels even in the case of containers with small openings.

Simple connection to an automation system via IO-Link
The new ultrasonic sensors of the HTU200 and DMU200 series are set up either remotely by teaching via cable or – for maximum convenience – via IO-Link. Using IO-Link, sensors can easily be integrated in an automation system. This type of automation simplifies integration and thereby helps keep downtime in production to an absolute minimum. The new compact and robust ultrasonic sensors can be configured, operated and maintained (condition monitoring) via IO-Link.

  • Keeping an eye on processes: using the internal object counter and diagnostic data such as temperature (predictive maintenance)
  • Real-time signal information and diagnosis
  • Precise measurement value output even in the case of devices with digital switching output
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