Sensors are essential in industrial automation to detect the presence of objects or parts, inspect the integrity or correct assembly, measure the dimension, distance or positioning.
Photoelectric are the most diffused and available in many different sizes, version, and functionalities, ranging from smallest to fastest objects, clear or shiny surfaces, color or invisible fluorescent marks, including dimension or distance measurement.
Inductive proximity are specific for metal parts detection at short distance, also in harsh environments with dust, liquids, oil or grease.
Capacitive sensors are used for detecting liquids or powder, also inside opaque and non-metal containers.
Ultrasonic sensors are suitable for transparent object detection (plastic film, glass, labels), with distance measurement capability.
Accessories include brackets and cables, IO-Link Master, fiber optics and reflectors for photoelectrics.
Manufacturing applications are widespread in automotive and electronics plants; food & beverage and pharmaceutical, processing and packaging machinery; woodworking, metalworking, textile, ceramic, glass, stones, paper, etc.
Logistics applications are automated material handling, conveyors, storage and retrieval, automated warehouses, distribution centers.
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