Industrial IP camera

With industrial IP cameras, the visual monitoring of areas which are not accessible or difficult to access by plant operators is possible. Possible collisions are therefore avoided and troubleshooting simplified in case of failure. The robust cameras can also be used under harsh environmental conditions due to the industrial design.

Visual monitoring on stacker cranes and conveyor lines with the new LCAM 308 IP camera
The efficient flow of goods and high system availability are key criteria for the operation of logistics centers. Here, the traceability of events also plays a crucial role in enabling faults to be rectified quickly and efficiently.

Using the new industry-standard LCAM 308 IP camera, visual checks can be performed on an stacker crane in the event of a fault. The camera operates autonomously and records the last 60 seconds prior to a fault in a ring memory. If necessary, a live stream can also be started. Moreover, a snapshot mode is also available to capture a single image, e.g. for recording the content of a carton.
Advantages for you
  • Monitoring of hidden areas
  • Storage in the ring memory of the camera after the trigger
  • Up to 60 seconds prior to the trigger are recorded
  • Transfer and display via standard browsers and standard streaming tools: no extra software required
  • High image quality and storage of the live stream in the camera
  • Floods of data are avoided – only the situation in the relevant time period before and after an event is analyzed
  • Robust for industrial use: Metal housing with degree of protection IP 65
  • Easy integration via 24V voltage supply and M12 connections
  • Universal mounting options via dovetail, threaded holes and an extensive selection of mounting accessories

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