Speed measurement and position detection using incremental and absolute encoders.

Choose the perfect encoder for your application from a variety of sizes and ordering options. The Sendix encoder – made in Germany – is the result of the highest quality awareness and careful selection of materials. It has proved its value in many industries as a robust and precise sensor technology. Design your plants, machines, or motors with Kübler. Your application is our priority: Your modifications and special solutions are implemented flexibly and quickly. We look forward to your challenge.
Incremental encoders
Speed measurement on rotating axes with incremental encoders. Sizes from miniature to maxi available. Optical and magnetic scanning. From standard to specially certified encoders.
Absolute encoders singleturn
Position detection over 360° with singleturn absolute encoders. Various sizes. High resolution up to 21 bit. Variety of standard, fieldbus, and Industrial Ethernet interfaces.
Absolute encoders multiturn
Position detection over multiple turns with multiturn encoders. Various sizes. Variety of standard, fieldbus, and Industrial Ethernet interfaces. The right multiturn technology for any requirement.
Applications of Kübler encoders
Various applications of industrial automation

Encoders are used wherever lengths, positions, rotational speeds, and angles need to be recorded. They convert mechanical motion into electrical signals. There are differences in the functional principles of encoders. They can thus be divided into incremental and absolute versions.We can generally supply you with all of the encoders in both shaft and hollow shaft models.

The use of hollow shaft encoders reduces costs by up to 30% and installation space by 50% compared to shaft models. This is made possible by the fact that additional couplings, mounting devices and other fixing aids are not required. To install a hollow shaft encoder, it is simply pushed onto the drive shaft, clamped and, in the simplest case, secured against rotation using a cylindrical pin. In addition, hollow shaft encoders generally require a smaller installation depth.
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