Small Safety Laser Scanner AGV Obstacle Avoidance

Product Attributes
Model No.: LSPD
Material: Metal
IP Rating: IP65
Certification: CE
Customized: Customized
Safety Level: Type 3, PLd
Scanning Angle Range: 190°
Angle Resolution: 0.36°
Maximum Radius Of Protection Zone: 4m/5m/6m/7m
Maximum Radius Of Warning Zone: 15m
Product Description
Product Introduction

LSPD mini Safety Laser Scanner can achieve the two-dimensional zone detection and profile scanning with a range of 270° and rasius of 3m. Featuring small size, highflexibility, good capability and reliability, it is an ideal choice for obstacle avoidance and navigation of mobile robot.

Product Components

LSPD mini safety laser scanner is composed of one laser scanner, power cable, configuration cable, configuration cable. User can connect LSPD mini safety laser with computer by the configuration cable and configure the protection zone and other related parameters through the configuration software.

Product Features

It is currently the smallest Laser Radar with function safety certification in the world, with dimension of 80*80*95mm;

The protection zones of scanner consists of protective zones and warning zones. The maximum radius of protective zones is 3m for 1.8% reflectivity.

The detecting zones can be defined as any complex and irregular shapes according to user needs;

It meets the safety requirements of IEC-614963 TYPE 3 and ISO 13849 PLd;

It is Class 1 laser product which is safe to human eyes;

Window dirty detection function. When it determins the actual detection distance does not reach the claimed protection distance, the output is cut off and is guided to safety.

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