Sensors for positioning

With moving system parts that need to automatically work together, the positioning of parts or work pieces with millimeter accuracy is of great importance. For this purpose, sensors with various operating principles are provided: laser distance measurement devices that measure against a reflector, bar code positioning systems whose red light laser determines position and speed relative to a bar code tape, sensors for optical guidance using edge detection as well as solutions for camera-based compartment fine positioning.
Bar code positioning systems
  • Extremely flexible positioning using bar code tape up to 10 km
  • Large working range with +/-1 mm positioning accuracy
  • Various series and many interfaces
Laser positioning systems
  • Precise positioning against reflector up to 300 m
  • High measurement value stability at high speed
  • With optics heating for low-temperature applications

Optical guidance
  • Short distance to track of 10 mm to 60 mm
  • Variants with 140 mm or 280 mm detection range
  • High resolution and flexibility through detection of up to 12 edges

Camera-based compartment fine positioning
  • Large working range up to 2,400 mm
  • Integrated web server and industrial interfaces (Ethernet TCP/IP, Profinet and Ethernet/IP)
  • Version with heating at ambient temperatures as low as -30 °C

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