Sensors for contour measurement

The CMS 700i 3D contour measurement system detects the length, width, height, deformations and position of any objects as they pass by, independent of their shape and surface. Even polybags are reliably detected. The complete system includes all components for operation and installation under one part number. In contrast, light section sensors record a height profile along a projected laser line. This allows objects to be detected with high resolution in multiple dimensions. The integrated functions range from presence control to edge measurement and 3D object measurement.
Contour measurement system
  • Detection of contour, position and size of the object as it passes by
  • With projection monitoring and deformation detection
  • Very simple commissioning through webConfig

Profile measurement
  • Determination of height profiles
  • The laser line is 600 mm wide at a distance of 800 mm
  • Ethernet TCP/IP with optional rotary encoder input

Object measurement
  • Measurement of objects and outer edges of web materials
  • Up to 4 measurement fields in 16 inspection tasks
  • Interface: Ethernet, analog or fieldbus

Object detection
  • Two-dimensional object detection along a laser line
  • Up to 16 detection fields in 16 inspection tasks
  • Interface: Ethernet, I/O or fieldbus

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