With Kübler you can always reliably transmit electrical currents, signals, and data.

The increasing degree of automation and the increasing networked communication demand trouble-free and reliable transmission. Kübler offers high-quality slip rings that transmit currents, signals, data, and other media from stationary to rotating platforms. A broad portfolio of signal converters as well as suitable cable and plug connectors round off this offer. Find the right solution for your application.
Slip rings
Transmission of electrical currents, signals, data, fieldbus, and Ethernet as well as liquids and gases. Contacting or contactless transmission. From standard to customized solutions.
Signal converters
Communication between control system and sensors: Fiber optic cables, signal splitters, signal converters, level converters, or frequency dividers are the optimal connection for this.
Cables and connectors
Numerous possibilities: Non-assembled cables, self-assembled connectors and pre-fab cables and connectors.
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