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Good things come in small packages – scanning solutions for tight workspaces
Counter space can be at a premium in outlets such as pharmacies, convenience stores and other specialty stores. The crisp, clean enclosure color options of black or white fit in on any counterspace from postal offices to boutiques. Product displays and POS systems compete for space and keeping the limited counter space clear for the customer is critical. This is where Datalogic technology leadership and designs excel. Datalogic presentation scanners come in a variety of designs, offering versatility for your point-of-sale. The advanced image technology and omnidirectional reading capabilities join to offer customers a quick and seamless checkout experience. Their exceptional reading performance ensures efficient throughput and strong ROI. While Datalogic presentation scanners have a small footprint, they deliver a large impact on the shopping experience.

Powerhouse performance in a small format
Datalogic understands that although the POS area may be small, the requirements and considerations are large, especially in settings like retail, pharmacy, and specialty stores. Enter Datalogic presentation scanners – designed to bring specialized solutions to the unique challenges of a small point of sale. Datalogic image-based presentation scanners offer the ability to capture item data by easily scanning 1D and 2D codes- even damaged codes- and Digimarc® watermark barcodes. They can be used as a handheld scanner for bulky items, on the counter in presentation mode for sweep scanning, or mounted as a fixed scanner in a kiosk. A generous depth of field and a large field of view ensure Datalogic presentation scanners can easily capture codes even in constrained spaces. In addition to retail POS applications, other industry applications that can reap scanning benefits of these omnidirectional presentation scanners include mobile marketing, age verification, banking, public administration, utilities, patient bedside care, laboratories, healthcare admittance, accounting, and billing.

Packed full of benefits
Datalogic’s presentation scanner portfolio offers various options and benefits to be better able to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. Key benefits of presentation and fixed retail scanners include:
- Advanced Digital Designs
Experienceclass leading performance and reliability

- User comfort
Decrease strain with adaptive illumination and the lightweight compact ergonomic designs

- Seamless Data Capture
Achieve good reads of 1D and 2D barcodes, even damaged codes, whether printed or displayed on mobile phones, tablets, laptops or through acrylic panels

- Precision Scanning
Comfortably take on Price Look up (PLU) lists or small items with LED aimers

- Good Read Capabilities
Ensure scan accomplished with Datalogic’s unique ‘Green Spot’ technology for good read feedback, beeper with adjustable tone and volume, and Good Read LED

- Snappy Omnidirectional Reading
Allows your operators the ability to easily capture 1D and 2D codes in tight areas of work

- Security
Protect revenues with Checkpoint® Systems EAS and Interlock compatible

- Interface Options
Choose between RS-232, OEM, USB including USB HID and USB COM in some models

- Remote Management
Easily monitor and update units

- Decoding Capabilties
Experience flexibility in various industries with the ability to read a variety of codes such as 1D/linear, 2D, postal codes, and stacked codes

- Optimal Views
Enjoy substantial depth of fields and field of views

- Stand Options
Choose the positioning and mounting of the scanner that is right for you and workspace

- Image Capture
Take an image if needed in various available formats such as JPEG and BMP

Protect your investment, ensuring maximum productivity and ROI, when you sign up for one of the wide ranges of service plans available to you

- Environmental Considerations
Maintain scanner integrity with IP52 rating for particulate and water sealing and drop resistance from 1.2m/4.0ft onto a concrete surface
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