Mini Size Safety Light Curtain Sale

Product Attributes
Model No.: KS06M

Product Description
light curtain Self-test function is perfect, when the photoelectric safety protection device fails, it is ensured that multiple error signals are not sent to the controlled device. The use of line synchronization technology, anti-interference ability. Photoelectric cycle self-test, improve equipment safety. SMD chip design, imported high-end components.

Product KSoM Safety Light Curtain is designed for personal safety and protection, and the product meets the dead zone for detection and high detection capability(it can be up to 14mm for finger protection). It is applicable to the personal safety protection in the automation field and at hazardous machinery processing KS06M safety light curtain can provide protection to the hazardous areas which are 3m, 6m and 9m away rom it, and the user can choose the appropriate light curtain specifications according to the actual table Kso6M safety light curtain provides two ways of PNP and NPN control signals, and it can be used with CSRMB safety Relay Module when relay signal is required at the user site for control

Product It is composed of emitter, receiver, and transmission cable mponents

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