Muting and Smart Process Gating (SPG)

On conveyor lines, optical safety sensors prevent persons from entering a danger zone. The material being transported on the conveyor line should, however, be able to pass the safety sensor. To do this, the safety sensor must be bridged temporarily and in a controlled manner for the passage of the transport material. ​

Access guarding on conveyor lines and at transfer stations

Reliable safety and efficient material flow
With muting and Smart Process Gating (SPG), we offer two function concepts for this application – each with specific advantages. And, with our safety solutions, we have already created the safety concept for you for more demanding challenges.

  • Predefined muting processes, integrated in the sensor or in an external control unit
  • Simple integration in the system control via OSSD outputs: no safety programming necessary
  • Muting sensors for distinguishing between transport material and people

Smart Process Gating
  • Control of the gating process in combination with the PLC:
    no "muting sensors" required
    Switching signal for distinguishing between transport material and people
  • Space-saving system design
  • Low installation effort
Safety Solutions
  • Our pre-developed safety solutions save time and money
  • Individual adaptation to your application
  • Innovative safety concepts for smooth processes and gapless safety
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