Infrared Beam Curtain Sensor for Automation

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Product Attributes
Model No.: LCS2 light curtain
Function Type: Infrared Range and Communication System
Material: Metal
IP Rating: IP55
Customized: Customized
Protective Height: 100mm-2000mm
Applicable Standards: IEC61496-1(Type4)\ IEC61496-2(Type4)
Resolution/Detection Capability: 30mm, 50mm
Operating Range: 0~5m
Output Type: PNP/NPN

Product Description
Product introduction:SDKELI LSC2 light curtain is designed for automation field, with small size, compact structure and strong anti-interference ability, and the product meets IEC 61496-2 standards.

Product features. High-securiry miniaturized light curtain is researched and developed using TUV-proven light curtain technology platform; High-reliability miniaturized light curtain has small size and internal skeleton supportm so the structure is stable and reliable;Miniaturized light curtain features high cost performance, superior performance and high reliability and low cost;CAN bus communication is used to ensure the security and anti-interference ability of system;It is equiped with NPN and PNP integrated output to achieve flexible wiring and easy field applications;It is equiped with end cap integrated status indication to clearly identify the operating status of light curtain from a far distance;Small size, nice structure and flexible installation (front-mounted, side-mounted and T-slot installation);Flexible cable swinging output mode is used, which can save mounting space.

Product Components

It is composed of emitter, receiver and transmission cable.

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