Vision sensors

Vision sensors are used e.g. in the packaging industry and intralogistics as a solution for various image-based inspection tasks. They are compact image processing systems in sensor format which provide everything needed to solve inspection applications in a housing suitable for industrial environments. Vision sensors are ideal for compartment fine positioning, code reading, presence detection as well as measuring and counting.
The sensors of the IPS 200i/400i series for compartment fine positioning in intralogistics detect markers in single- or double-depth shelves.
During code reading, the camera-based devices of the DCR 200i series reliably identify 1D or 2D codes on objects.
Simple Vision sensors are just as easy to use as an optical sensor and offer high performance similar to a camera system. Typical applications here are presence detection, code reading as well as measuring and counting in the packaging industry.
Stationary 1D / 2D code readers
  • Fast identification of 1D- and 2D-codes
  • Identification of moving codes
  • Large reading range reduces the number of models

Camera-based compartment fine positioning
  • Large working range up to 2,400 mm
  • Integrated web server and industrial interfaces (Ethernet TCP/IP, Profinet and Ethernet/IP)
  • Version with heating at ambient temperatures as low as -30 °C

Simple Vision sensor for presence detection
  • Working range from 50 to 150 mm
  • Configuration via integrated web server
  • Simple teach process

Simple Vision sensors for presence detection, measuring, counting, code reading
  • High-performance image processing tools for fast and smooth operation
  • Integrated interfaces: I/O, TCP/IP, PROFINET, FTP or SFTP
  • Exchangeable lenses for flexibility in terms of distance, field of view and resolution

Vision sensor – Stationary 1D/2D-code reader
Full traceability of products.
With the camera-based code reader of the DCR 200i series.
These code readers reliably capture 1D- and 2D-codes; depending on the type, printed or directly marked, omnidirectional, static or in fast motion as well as inverse or mirrored codes. Various version are available with respect to size, protection classes IP 67 or 69K, speed or interfaces.

Vision sensor - Camera-based compartment fine positioning
Intelligent solution approach for stacker cranes.
With the sensors of the IPS 200i / IPS 400i series.
A camera-based positioning system with an evaluation algorithm tailored to compartment fine positioning provides an intelligent solution approach for this application. Solutions where the camera and evaluation unit are integrated in a compact system are particularly popular with users. These offer straightforward commissioning and operation, without the need for special knowledge.

Simple Vision sensors
Easy to use with high performance comparable to a camera system.
The new IVS 108 and IVS 1048i / DCR 1048i product range.
As easy to use as an optical sensor with high performance comparable to a camera system – the unique Simple Vision concept from Leuze.

The new Simple Vision product range offers quick and easy entry into image processing used in industrial automation. Whether presence or absence detection, part detection or inspection, measuring or counting – we will always have the right solution for your specific applications.

Image capture, processing and communication functions are all integrated in just one image processing sensor. This results in a multifunctional, modular, extremely reliable and easy-to-implement image processing solution.

Powerful, embedded software tools work either independently or together in a job pipeline without the need for an external control. Simple Vision makes things easy.
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