Optical sensors

Optical sensors use light in various forms to perform their detection tasks. An extensive product line is available with reliable and efficient sensor solutions for all applications that can be solved optically. Object detection for different surfaces, object sizes and colors requires various function principles, such as a throughbeam photoelectric sensor, a retro-reflective photoelectric sensor or a diffuse reflection sensor. All different operating principles are usually available in a given series (size). Universal series are also available with extended models and additional useful functions.
Throughbeam photoelectric sensors
  • Separate transmitter and receiver opposite one another
  • Reliable standard photoelectric sensors
  • With high function reserves and operating ranges up to 150 m

Retro-reflective photoelectric sensors
  • Transmitter and receiver in the same housing, opposing reflector
  • Special sensors for transparent media or extremely small objects
  • Models for foil-wrapped pallets or highly accurate positioning

Diffuse sensors
  • Object detection in front of a background
  • Available in a variety of special designs
  • Red-light and infrared models, solutions with IO-Link for format changeover

Sensors for Ex applications
  • Universal sensors for use in potentially explosive areas
  • Certified in accordance with ATEX and IECEx directives
  • Devices with type examination certificates for zone 2 and 22, as well as zone 1 and 21


Sensors with convincing cost effectiveness
Presence control in intralogistics and packaging processes as well as in the automotive industry using the new 5B series
When carrying out presence control in automated processes, the job of the sensor system is to safely detect the various objects. Handling of the sensor, including mounting, alignment and adjustment, must also be quick and simple, especially as a large number of sensors often need to be installed. This is why a) standardization and b) adaptation of the sensor to the individual needs of the customer are extremely important for the cost-effective commissioning of a system.

We have developed an optimized sensor generation for precisely these requirements:
The new 5B series. Highly economical. Perfect handling.

Advantages for you
Flexible implementation: Complete series with all operating principles, each in identical and installation-compatible housings. Depending on the respective application, it is possible to choose between throughbeam photoelectric sensors, retro-reflective photoelectric sensors and diffuse sensors
Housing: New, compact housing (dimensions W x H x L: 11 mm x 32.4 mm x 20 mm) – installation-compatible with previous series – ideal for tight installation spaces. Certified with degree of protection IP 67 and ECOLAB
Attachment and mounting: Fast attachment and easy mounting thanks to metal inserts with M3 thread
Commissioning: All-around visible 360° indicator LEDs for easy installation and status display. Fast alignment thanks to homogeneous and easily visible light spot
Optimal configuration: Easy alignment and adjustment to the application thanks to a user-friendly potentiometer
Safe detection of depolarizing objects: Optimized performance for the detection of reflective, shrink-wrapped, and shiny objects
Electrical connection: Adaptation to individual customer requirements thanks to different connection options (e.g., cable, M8 connector, pigtail,...)
Switching frequency: Improved switching frequency for throughbeam photoelectric sensors with up to 900 Hz and for diffuse sensors up to 1000 Hz for high performance and function reserve
Tamper protection: Light/dark switching takes place in a tamperproof manner through polarity reversal of the (cable) wiring
Cost effective mounting
The larger the number of sensors to be mounted on a conveyor line is, the more important the cost effectiveness aspect becomes with respect to the time and cost of mounting and commissioning.
The intelligent and simple fastening concept with two convenient M3 metal threads facilitates fast mounting for the user.
The small and compact housing design also makes installation in small spaces easier.
Depending on your individual preference or local installation situation, various connection types are available, e.g., with M8 connector, cable, or pigtail connector.
Fast and simple commissioning and alignment
360° indicator LEDs ensure easy installation and a clearly discernible status display. Simple alignment of the sensor through the easily visible light spot results in an additional time saving and therefore in a reduction in costs for the user. The new 5B series is also available as a model with potentiometer for better fine adjustment of the sensor. The sensor can thus be quickly and easily adapted to new application conditions.
Moreover, the light/dark switching of the switching output can be performed in a tamperproof manner via the wiring.
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Reliable detection even with depolarizing objects
In conveyor and storage systems, it is often the case that pallets, cardboard boxes and other containers are wrapped in film, which can be challenging for the sensor system. With the new 5B series, we offer optimized models especially for this area of application. These sensors guarantee safe switching even with shrink-wrapped or shiny objects.
Presence control in intralogistics using retro-reflective photoelectric sensors
In a logistics center, various containers and cardboard boxes are to be transported on roller conveyors that are positioned closely to each another. In addition, some cardboard boxes are shrink-wrapped in film. All objects must be reliably detected. During commissioning, the sensor must be fast and simple to install, align, and adjust. The light spot must be easy to see.

With their compact, space-saving housing, the new 5B series sensors can be mounted directly on roller conveyors that are positioned closely to each other. The sensors are installed and securely mounted using convenient metal inserts with M3 thread. They are aligned quickly and easily using a homogeneous and clearly visible light spot as well as 360° indicator LEDs. Adjustment is user-friendly by means of a potentiometer. Performance optimized for the detection of shrink-wrapped and glossy objects ensures that they can be reliably detected.
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