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Enhancing your Stationary Industrial Scanner performance
The ability to monitor performance and diagnose system component problems is key to the success of an automation system in order to maintain high levels of continuous operation.  Stationary industrial scanners are strategically placed throughout the manufacturing floor and logistics chain to collect and transmit specific information.  Efficient plant maintenance requires tools that deliver real-time monitoring, diagnostics and analytics tools to maximize system uptime.  With specific software and tools, the collected data can be analyzed locally or remotely to ensure the system works at its top capabilities.  Through the use of the correct software and tools you are able to easily configure specific scanners to work at their peak performance in collecting data from codes determined to be found on the fast moving automated systems such as 1D and 2D codes including Data Matrix, QR and DPM (Direct Parts Marking) codes.  Datalogic’s innovative supervisory software solutions monitor operational activities of stationary industrial scanners by a web browser-based interface.  Data is collected from different scan points through an Ethernet TCP/IP network then displays the received information flow as a visual onscreen readout. The ability for real-time analysis and corrections results in increased throughput and decreased downtime on the line.

Collect-Monitor-Analyze to Keep Top Performances
Improved performances bring applications success
Coupling software and tools with stationary industrial scanners placed throughout processing lines of various industries will yield a high level of accuracy and improved performance of real-time analyses, adaptations and throughput performances. Manufacturing processes will realize ease of DPM reads, accurate factory automation work in progress traceability, improved tire manufacturing tracking handling of baggage at airport. All aspects of logistic processes will enjoy enhanced processing, tracking, and uptime of the lines including postal/courier services, distribution centers and multimedia sorting.

Excellent benefits equal excellent results
  • Receive confirmation
    Software tools over evidence of properly function systems

  • Enjoy improved uptime
    Less interruption of workflow with improved reaction time to device faults

  • Predict failures
    Reduce downtime with actual analyses of systems

  • Experience full view
    View of activities available at both enterprise and facility levels

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
    Easily implement and get results without the need for hiring outside expertise

  • Encounter no monitor downtime
    Monitor software tools allow for the possibility to adjust parameters in-line, without disconnecting the reader from the host communication or accessing the setup area
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