Safety switches

If doors, flaps and covers need to remain closed for safety reasons during the operation of machines, then safety switches for position monitoring and for the protection of personnel and systems are required. The safety switches of the S20 and S200 series with their robust housings and wide range of installation options can be used universally. The S300 position switches monitor the reaching of final positions. Variants with plunger and various actuators enable optimum adaptation to the installation situation. The S400 safety hinge switches unite the safety switch and door hinge functions in one component.
Switches with separate actuator
  • Universal use with 5 actuator approach directions
  • Inexpensive plastic versions
  • Metal versions for heavy duty applications

Position switches
  • Models with plunger and roll actuator
  • Metal housing

Hinge switches
  • Wide opening angle up to 180
  • Encapsulated, internal actuator
  • Metal housing
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