Safety & Guidance

Safety devices are mandatory for operator’s protection in potentially hazardous areas, plants or machinery.
Safety optoelectronic devices are safety light barriers, curtains, grids, light beams and control units, used for the detection of finger, hand, arm, body, or presence detection in fixed applications.
Safety laser scanners are suitable for configurable area protection or even dynamic applications, in particular robotic cells and automated guided vehicles (AGV).
Safety accessories include cables, connection box, brackets, IP69K protection tubes, lens shield, laser pointer, test pieces.
Manufacturing industry applications include automotive and electronics plants, especially robotic cells; food & beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical goods processing and packaging machines; any machinery used in woodworking, metalworking, textile, ceramic, glass, stones, paper, etc.
Logistics applications are diffused in automated material handling, conveyors, storage and retrieval, automated warehouses, and AGV.
Furthermore, logistics applications are integrated by Lidars for guidance and navigation, and encoders for the vehicle speed measurement.


LASER SENTINEL is the innovative solution for safe area protection in a large variety of applications in automation and intralogistic industries. It offers a complete and flexible solution for the safeguard of robotic cells, automated guided vehicles and general machinery.

  • Type 3 / PL d / SIL 2
  • Max. distance: up to 5.5 m (safe) for 70 mm resolution
  • Opening angle: 275°
  • Minimum response time: 62 ms
  • STANDALONE version: - pigtail with M12 connector - up to 6 switchable zone sets
    MASTER-SLAVE version: - M12 connector - rotating connectors for programming and connection to slaves- safe communication between up to 4 scanners - up to 70 switchable zone sets
  • Programming, monitoring and measurement data: Ethernet
  • Dimensions (w,d,h): 102 , 112.5 , 152 mm
  • Auto/manual restart, EDM, partial dynamic muting, override, speed measurement, shut off
  • Fast replacement


Lidar Guidance Scanner is a compact, rugged navigation Lidar based on time-of-flight (TOF) infrared laser technology for the market of Automated and Laser Guided Vehicles or Forklifts, used for intralogistics and manufacturing.

  • ToF technology on infrared laser
  • 2D Measurement data for natural or marker navigation
  • 360° measurement for all-round scanning
  • Differentiation between natural objects and reflectors
  • Scanning rate 10/15/20/25 Hz
  • Measurement rate 60000 points/s
  • Measurement range: 0.2 - 2 m with 1.8% reflectivity / 0.2 - 15 m with 10% reflectivity / 0.2 - 50 m with 80% reflectivity
  • Dimensions (w,d,h): 95 x 97 x 116 mm
  • Communication interface: IEEE 802.3u 100 Mbps Ethernet
  • Configuration software: Any web browser (configuration through web server)
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