General Duty

Whether your organization is looking for an entry level-cost solution with top guaranteed scanning performance and a reliable read every time, a device that sits comfortably in your hand and never gives you fatigue, no matter how long your shift of work may be, an easy to aim product that gives clear audible, tactile and visual feedback on each read, good or bad, general duty handheld scanners are the right solution for a wide range of applications.

The wide range of Datalogic general purpose handheld readers offer an assortment of choices for most data collection activities. Product sets offer corded and cordless options together with best-in-class reading technologies, ready to solve current and future needs and applications.

A very affordable and easy to use handheld scanning solution, the general duty models are extremely easy to setup. The simple and seamless configuration of these scanners with connectivity to all manner of hosts, makes them the only solution you will need for your business.

Outstanding performance and reliability are found in the different scanning options: laser, linear or area-imaging technologies. These scanners will be operational from shift to shift and effortlessly read hard to read, poor quality, and damaged codes. You can even scan barcodes directly from mobile device screens or through tough plexiglass panels. Enhance the operating flexibility at POS, capturing any barcodes from near to far with a great depth of field – easier than ever. 

General duty handheld scanners are designed to be connected to all the common interfaces in today’s busy operating environments. The capability to directly interface USB Type C based solutions paves the way for connectivity to any type of modern PC or tablet and any of the latest POS systems and cash registers. For added flexibility, the wireless variants feature Bluetooth® wireless technology or Datalogic’s proprietary STAR Radio wireless communication. You can select the most appropriate solution based on your environmental requirements such as areas where interferences can affect data security and integrity.

It is important to note that the disinfectant‐ready models with antimicrobial enclosures allow their use in any situation that requires the continual cleaning of the equipment to protect the operators. These enclosures offer an extra value‐added feature preventing the proliferation of microorganisms such as germs and bacteria.

If you need to manage digital watermarks applications, we offer different models of our handheld series of scanners capable of reading Digimarc® Barcodes. 

Whether your application requires a quick reading performance, ease of installation and use, accuracy and reliability, Datalogic has you covered.
QuickScan 2200 Series

The entry-level corded handheld linear imager
QuickScan 2500 Series

The superior performance affordably
Gryphon 4200 Series

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Gryphon 4500 Series

Gryphon 4500 2D series is the premium range of hand held...
Heron 3400

Corded imagers offer an innovative and unique design
Heron 3100

Corded linear imager offering an innovative and unique...
RIDA DBT6400 Series

The ideal solution for mobile devices. Available in Retail...

Corded linear imager for a cost-effective solution
QuickScan 2100 Series

Entry level line of handheld 1D corded and cordless...
QuickScan 2400 Series

Handheld 2D corded and cordless scanners, created to...
PowerScan 9500 Retail Series

The PowerScan imagers are now available in a Retail setting
General Duty Handheld Scanners Common Applications 

General duty handheld scanners are specifically designed for entry level data capture in the retail and healthcare industries and in some specific applications in the light manufacturing market.

Any time you need to automate the data collection activity, to properly manage the warehouse inventory, to assure the correct traceability among the entire supply chain, to enhance check-out speed in retail environment as well as improve transaction accuracy and efficiency in the store, handheld scanners a solution for a wide range of applications.

In retail environments, handheld scanners are fundamental to support the different configuration needs at the check-outs or to maintain inventory accuracy while providing useful business intelligence data for future planning and operations.  Healthcare professionals rely on Datalogic barcode scanners during direct care activities, in order to guarantee the correct patient identification, medication verification and a comprehensive Electronic Medical Records (EMR) management.

In the Manufacturing market, they are crucial from shipping and receiving to Work In Progress (WIP) traceability, to configure and set up machines for operation. In the Transportation & Logistics sector, industrial handheld scanners put automation in the hands of workers as they ship, receive, pick, pack, and palletize.
Common applications for general duty handheld scanners include:
Retail check-out
C-Stores, pharmacy, non-grocery, fashion, DIY and many more have specific check-out needs dependent on their product mix and check-out configuration. Datalogic has a complete offering of check-out solutions for countertop and handheld use. These scanners provide fast, accurate, and reliable scanning for check-out at any retail enterprise.  Furthermore, a wide range of versions with red illumination optics reads Digital Watermarking.  
Patient admittance
Electronic tracking of patients using barcodes increases the efficiency of treatments and helps to eliminate errors. Barcodes are attached to medical records and patient wristbands are used for identification from the admitting process through discharge. Handheld scanners deliver efficient and secure data by capturing and eliminating errors in data entry with patient files, tracking and follow up. Scanners with disinfectant ready and antimicrobial enclosures are available to offer further protection against spread of germs and bacteria.
Shipping and receiving
It is a critical component of every Warehouse Management System (WMS). Handheld barcode technology allows companies to control inventory levels in real-time. These solutions are essential to help maximize the order accuracy loaded in the right truck, and ultimately delivered to the correct destination.
WIP traceability
From raw material to finished good, Work In Progress traceability permits to track each unit throughout the manufacturing process. This means track accuracy, output, and other viable production metrics in real time.
Inventory management
Handheld scanners keep inventory accurate while providing valuable data for planning purposes. Inventory tasks including receiving, stocking, cycle counting, and replenishing are completed effectively and efficiently using devices that are built to survive warehouse environments without causing worker’s fatigue.
Order fulfillment
Whether processing single or multiple orders in virtually any packaging material, Datalogic solutions including handheld scanners can help ensure accuracy and timeliness.

General Duty Handheld Scanners Common Benefits
General duty handheld scanners offer several advantages to every company. The benefits span from lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to easy and quick set up. The portfolio completeness allows Datalogic to find the best solution for every customers’ application with the best price/performance ratio on the market.

Eliminate human error and prevent unnecessary waste of resources. 

Accelerate throughput and maximize productivity.

Track every unit and every step up to final delivery. Ensures that no steps are missed in the manufacturing or distribution processes, so to make real-time decisions.

Increase the quality of product/service using barcode technology to control the manufacturing and distribution processes and inspect to ensure the best possible performance and outcome.

Deliver on-time, all the time.

Allow Datalogic to increase your profitability, reduce overhead, eliminate waste, and see real return on investment.

Total Cost of Ownership
Additional value features as rugged enclosures, wireless battery charging system reduce the TCO and ensure maximum productivity.

Easy integration
Datalogic provides standard multi-interface connectivity options to let handheld readers to be easily set-up and installed in any kind of environment.
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