Signal converters and optical fiber modules

Error-free and reliable signal transmission.

Signal converters in various models and fiber optic modules enable reliable
communication – with a wide variety of interfaces – between controllers and sensors.
In addition to encoders, linear sensors, and inclinometers from Kübler, these products
are a suitable addition to the overall range of sensors. Take advantage of the new
possibilities for a comprehensive overall concept from a single source.
Fiber optics
Interference-free transmission up to 2000 m with incremental and absolute optical fibers. The system consists of transmitter and receiver.
Signal splitters
Lossless duplication of input signals and simultaneous conversion of the signal level into different formats.
Signal converters
Conversion of the input signal into the desired output signal. The signals can also be filtered or linearized.
Level converters
Conversion and inversion of voltage levels (HTL / TTL). Can also be used for potential separation and as a directional decoder.
Frequency dividers
Custom adjustment of frequency signals even at high input frequencies. Separate division of the zero pulse.
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