CE Approved Cat 4 Safety Light Curtain

Product Attributes
Model No.: KS06G

Product Description
 Light curtain can achieve full protection for the slider can be stopped at any position on the press machine.The light curtain can only achieve upper dead point protection if the slider can not be stopped at any position on the press machine. Realize the regional protection for the industry manipulator, injection molding machines, packaging equipment, automation equipment, assembly wires and other dangerous work area.Used to detect and alarm object.

Product Ks06G Safety Light Curtain can be used to integrate the controller
introduction functions into the sensor. It is provided to the device that does not
quire a controller but requires level signal control through ris
ssessment (e.g, device controlled by PLC and computer) and it
can output twochannels safe PnP or NPN signals
Product It is composed of emitter, receiver and transmission cable

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