AV Series

The AV500 reader creates a new optical standard for unattended data capture solutions with an industry-leading 5 megapixel resolution CMOS sensor, image acquisition at 32 frames per second, dynamic focus or adjustable focus, and multiple lens options.

With a wide field-of-view and excellent depth-of-field provided by several dynamic focus options, the AV500 barcode reader is an ideal choice for smart track logistic solutions, baggage handling systems, and retail smart distribution applications.

Continuous frame acquisition, no-flashing white or red integrated illumination, and colored spot indicators make the AV500 reader the unprecedented solution for operator-attended applications such as manual object presentation in overhead scanning mode or manual conveyor loading.

The AV900 high-performance industrial imager is a highly capable and vastly superior camera for transport and logistics applications. It sets a high bar for 2D image-based readers on all conveyor sizes, airport baggage handling systems as well as static reading applications. In addition to its high-resolution capabilities, users can choose from different optics and set up either dynamic or SW adjustable focus to tweak performance to suit your needs.

With a powerful 9 MP CMOS sensor, the AV900 provides users with 60% additional coverage compared to the widely used 5 MP cameras. Putting this into perspective for wide areas, users can achieve the same coverage from three AV900 cameras as five 5 MP cameras. Images are captured in HD quality and can be saved in multiple formats for video coding and OCR.

The AV900 is capable of continuously capturing very high-resolution images up to 32 frames per second. Datalogic’s patented PackTrack technology is instrumental in ensuring top performance even at reduced gaps between items, without any risk of mis-assignments. All your data will be captured, even with your conveyor loaded at maximum capacity.
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