Datalogic Shield

Datalogic is pleased to announce the availability of Datalogic Shield, a new software security offering from Datalogic. Datalogic Shield extends the lifecycle of Android mobile computers, offering our customers years of protection on their rugged device investment.

Typically, consumer mobile security support ends after 2-3 years. With Datalogic Shield, our customers receive an extended period of security support exceeding 5 years, along with OS version upgrades. This reduces the total cost of ownership, reduces security risks, and extends the useful life of their devices.

Datalogic Shield is already included for Datalogic customers purchasing a Datalogic EASEOFCARE contract for covered Android devices. Alternatively, customers can obtain Shield protection by purchasing a “software-only” Datalogic Shield contract.
Datalogic Shield
  • Includes quarterly security patches based on the Android Security Bulletins:
  • Includes firmware fixes and enhancements
  • Android major version (dessert) upgrades included
  • Support for 2 years after device’s end of sale
  • 12 month transition support for prior Android versions
  • Automatic customer notifications of new updates
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