Discover the variety of Kübler products and solutions. Our portfolio ranges from standard products to special solutions for a variety of industries. We are also happy to take on individual challenges, implementing modifications and special solutions quickly and easily. Because one thing is particularly important to us: To inspire you with unique added value. Plant, machine, and engine manufacturers and end users worldwide benefit from the high quality, flexibility, and reliability of our products. Choose Kübler and get the optimal solution for your application.
Rotary speed and position detection, linear position and speed measurement as well as inclination angle detection.
  • Encoders
  • Bearingless encoders
  • Motor feedback systems
  • Linear measuring systems
  • Shaft copying systems
  • Inclinometers
Reliable and interference-free transmission of electrical currents, signals and data. Communication between control system and sensors.
  • Slip rings, standard
  • Slip rings, customized solutions
  • Signal converters
  • Cables and connectors
Recording of quantities; counting of units of any kind, and reliable speed and position recording for functional safety.
  • Displays and counters
  • Process equipment
  • Safe speed monitors up to SIL3/PLe
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