Magellan 34xxVSi

Accelerate your barcode reading capability
The innovative Magellan 3410VSi and 3450VSi on-counter scanners from Datalogic are simple to use and bring best-in-class benefits to your operations. While outwardly identical, these products offer different levels of performance to suit all of your needs.  The Magellan 3410VSi is an entry level imaging scanner, aimed to replace the best-selling 3200VSi product.  The 3410VSi provides powerful performance at an attractive price.  If you need more processing power and faster throughput however, the high-end Magellan 3450VSi has the best scanning performance of any single plane scanner on the market.  These scanners work well in a variety of applications, including retail point of sale, pharmacy, drug verification and a hands-free component verification. The extra-large reading area and sweep scanning provide fast and easy reading from a variety of barcodes and other sources. The Magellan 3410VSi and 3450VSi bring greater efficiency to your business.
Get the scanning power and reliability that’s right for you
The Magellan 3410VSI and 3450VSi were meticulously crafted to provide performance, comfort, and durability in a compact, ergonomic design.  Regardless of the application, users get a high-quality piece of hardware that will give many years of outstanding service. Equipped with the latest decoding  technology and solid-state electronics, these Magellans handle high speed scanning operations with ease. They also feature the ability to read Digimarc codes, ensuring that users are future-proofed against a changing market. Their tough design withstands rough use, spills and is ESD protected up to 25kV. Like all of the Magellan products, these units are tough, long-lasting, and versatile scanners.

Achieve optimal setup in record time
The compact form factor of these vertical single plane scanners allow for easy attachment of the unit to a counter, wall or even inside a small self-checkout system.  The USB auxiliary port makes adding a customer service scanner quick and easy. Customers will have an improved shopping experience scanning their loyalty cards while the cashier scans their items, all in a clean, safe, contact-free environment. Integration with aftermarket EAS systems ensure tags are only deactivated after a successful barcode is read.  The Magellan 3410VSi scanners’ new electronic platform can even be powered from the standard USB host cable, eliminating the need for an external power supply. With all of these features, integrating these scanners into your existing system couldn’t be any easier.

Keep scanning comfortably all day long
Retail stores and manufacturing floors are busy, noisy environments. Background noise can be quite overwhelming and distracting. Operators need a scanner that makes their job easier and reduces stress.  These Magellan scanners make everything easier with their scanning performance, ease of use, and other time-saving features. The high-specification sensor and custom optics cover a large reading area, allowing for intuitive scanning by any user. Object illumination is achieved using near-infrared LEDs and soft, consistent lighting. The scanner automatically adds illumination when an object enters the field of view to ensure the readability of challenging barcodes. Operators can work comfortably all day with no doubts about scanning items the first time, every time. Every scan is confirmed with an audible beep, highly visible good-read LEDs and Datalogic’s Green Spot Technology for good-read confirmation right on the barcode. 

Related Product: OEM Version
The Magellan 3410VSi is also available as an OEM product. With the same electronics and optics as the Magellan 3410VSi, the OEM scanner provides strong performance and a large reading area in a small, easy to install package.
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