Magellan 35xxHSi

Make barcode reading even faster
The ground-breaking Magellan 3510HSi and 3550HSi in-counter imaging scanners from Datalogic are designed for versatility and high performance. Both provide best-in-class efficiency for your operations. While outwardly identical, the M3510HSi and 3550HSi offer different levels of performance to suit your needs.  The Magellan 3510HSi is an entry level imaging scanner, providing powerful effectiveness at an attractive price.  If you need more processing power and faster throughput, the high end Magellan 3550HSi has the best scanning performance of any single plane scanner on the market. These scanners work well in a variety of applications including retail point of sale, pharmacy and DIY. The large reading area and sweep scanning provide fast, reliable performance. What’s more, as the only horizontal single plane imagers on the market, the Magellan 3510HSi and 3550HSi provide unmatched velocity to your business.

Achieve premium performance from a premium product
The Magellan 3510HSi and 3550HSi scanners have an aesthetically pleasing design, combined with durability to stand up to the rigors of the front end. They feature a stainless steel and scratch-resistant sapphire glass platter, a solid addition to your Point of Sale work area. These Magellans are certainly cutting edge and the first on the market to effortlessly read all types of barcodes, including Digimarc, with an easy transition between the smallest 1D and 2D codes. Built with leading-edge processing technology and solid-state electronics, these units make easy work of your highest speed scanning operations. No other scanner in the market can match the performance of the Magellan in-counter scanners. With a tough, shockproof design and ESD protection to 25kV, the Magellan 3510HSi and 3550HSi scanners are your long term partners when it comes to operational efficiency.

Plug and play for quick setup
Installing the Magellan 3510HSi and 3550HSi scanners is easier and faster than ever. The Magellan 3510HSi scanners offer the unique advantage of having a single USB cable for power and communication. Adding these into your POS system is simple. The USB auxiliary port included in both products makes adding a customer service scanner or a Datalogic handheld scanner quick and easy. This boosts efficiency and productivity by eliminating the need to lift large or heavy items from shopping carts to the scanning area. Of course, while the operator is busy scanning all of the items, customers can scan their loyalty cards with a customer service scanner. In today's ultra-clean, ultra-safe, non-contact environments this is a must. As far as security is concerned, the Magellan 3510HSi and 3550HSi can be integrated with most electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems, ensuring tags are not deactivated until after they have been scanned.

Achieve perfect scans every time
In today’s retail operations it can be hard to hear yourself think over the sound of multiple checkouts beeping, people talking, and the sound of conveyor belts. Datalogic has designed the Magellan 3510HSi and 3550HSi scanners to provide optimized reading  performance and easy to use hardware.  Items are scanned with ease with the high-specification sensor and custom optics that cover a large reading area. The latest in illumination technology provides soft lighting to reduce disruption and improve performance. When an object enters the field of view, light levels are automatically adjusted to ensure reading, even when the barcode is damaged or badly printed. Operators can continue to work comfortably as the transition is free of flicker and reflection. Long shifts will no longer be as tiring, and with the efficient performance that requires no re-scans, your operators will warmly welcome the Magellan3510HSi or 3550HSi.

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