Magellan 9600i

Discover the New Generation

Our best-selling ‘in counter’ barcode scanner for both assisted and self-checkout just got even better. The Magellan 9600i delivers a new look, durable design, industry-leading scanning performance and new options to enable Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the checkout.

The 9600i scanners and scanner/scales are the perfect Point-of-Sale (POS) companions for all high-volume checkout environments, with basic and advanced configurations.

Customers can customize a solution to best meet their assisted and self-checkout needs with three chassis lengths and multiple check stand mounting.
Enhanced Checkout or Customer Experience
The 9600i in-counter barcode scanners for Retail, offer the highest scan volume in its class, packed with the latest imaging technology. Regardless of 1D, 2D, GS1 or Digimarc symbologies, this ensures the fastest read rates and easiest operation.

To ensure these counter areas are easy to clean and sanitize, the new Magellan scanners feature capacitive touch buttons and smooth surfaces.

The 9600i offers an optional, externally mounted, customer facing reader allowing customers to scan mobile devices and coupons independently of a cashier in assisted lanes.

Todays and Tomorrows Cutting Edge Features
The Magellan 9600i is an in-counter barcode scanner for Grocery powered by QuadVision™, a multi-core processor and multi-camera system with an embedded Linux operating system to future-proof the platform. Available in 2023, ScanSentry™ color camera options and neural processors will result in a checkout fully capable of supporting Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that will increase customer satisfaction and improve loss prevention.

Unique Characteristics
Magellan 9600i is equipped with QuadVision™, a powerful IMX8 multicore processor with 4 cameras (2 horizontal, 2 vertical) providing multiple high-resolution images per scan.  Users get unprecedented performance to decode the most difficult and damaged barcodes by combining powerful processors, 5-sided image capture and Datalogic's legendary software. In future releases, two optional color cameras can be used for machine learning image capture while streaming video over Ethernet or USB 3.0 for loss prevention.

Eliminate the need for additional servers or Cloud connections at the checkout with optional built-in neural processors and accelerators that enable trillions of operations per second inside the scanner.

Performance is optimized for the upcoming GS1 Digital Link symbology that attaches valuable manufacturing and health safety data to each transaction. During pilot testing, however, the final GS1 decoding will be updated.

Integrated Loss Prevention
ScaleSentry Technology

Monitors the two primary sides of the scale platter with an infrared (non-visible) beam to determine if fruit or produce has been misplaced on the scale platter, resulting in under weighing.
Misplaced fruit or produce breaks the infrared beam and sends an alert to the cashier, preventing the weight from transmitting to the POS until the cashier corrects the issue.

All-Weighs™ Scale Platter

The All-Weighs Scale Platter design allows users to place products that are too long to fit on the platter by providing an alternate weighing surface on the top of the bonnet.
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