Memor 10

A versatile, ultra-ergonomic, and robust PDA device suitable for any industry task
The Memor 10 from Datalogic is a state-of-the-art full touch PDA with a megapixel scanner and a 5-inch display. Designed for enterprises seeking the power of a mobile computer with a robust design, ultra-reliable battery management, and enhanced scanning performance. It is ruggedly built to withstand the toughest conditions, yet slim and compact for a comfortable fit in your hand. Use it anywhere thanks to built-in LTE advanced cellular connectivity, ensuring network access inside or outside the walls of your facility. The Memor 10 has inductive wireless charging capability for best in class reliability as there are no exposed charging contacts that require maintenance. The built-in 4100 mAh battery packs enough power for the longest of shifts and charges ultra-fast at 10W. The Memor 10 is your go-to handheld device for all kinds of retail, warehousing, transportation and logistics, and healthcare applications.

Scan Any Product, Anywhere
The Memor 10 has been designed to simplify scanning operations. Firstly, it is virtually unlimited when it comes to communications capability. Fully secure Wi-Fi connectivity across all networks, and with voice capability. The ergonomic design is further complemented with an attachable handle for easily switching between mobile computer style and traditional handheld scanning operations. You are no longer confined to the 4 walls of your facility as the built-in LTE capability keeps you connected to the network when Wi-Fi is unavailable. Use the Memor 10 anywhere and everywhere, knowing that the IP65 rated tough exterior will withstand knocks, drops, and water ingress.
No Downtime with Highly-efficient Battery Performance
The Memor 10 really does put power in your hands. It has inductive wireless charging capability, working with any compatible commercially available inductive charger. The lack of physical charging contacts reduces cleaning frequency on both the device and associated docks. Maintenance has never been easier. Never worry about running out of charge during critical operations. The long battery life with a 4100 mAh hot-swappable battery lets you swap a dying battery with a freshly charged one, all without the need to power down your device. It takes less than a minute to accomplish, giving you that much needed 24/7 operational advantage.

Transform Your Business Potential
The Memor 10 is an Android™ Enterprise Recommended device running on an up-to-date Android™ OS version, and is equipped with the GMS suite from Google™ for easy running of applications and APIs. You’ll have the confidence of setting your business up with hardware and software that are fully certified and safe to use. In addition, Datalogic Shield extends the product lifecycle, ensuring all patches, updates, and firmware revisions are fully certified and rolled out in a timely manner.

Extend Your Operational Capabilities
The Memor 10 is available with a Megapixel engine that offers a 60% increase in depth of field. This new 2D Ultra Slim Scan Engine was specifically designed and developed by Datalogic for small form factor devices. It offers superior scanning and enables DotCode and Digimarc watermark scanning capabilities. The unique Datalogic’s Green Spot technology provides visible good-read feedback in the noisiest of working envronments, or for when you require visual feedback only in a designated quiet area. Whatever you need to scan or wherever you need to go, the Memor 10 has you covered.  

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