Memor 11

The Memor 11 family is a versatile mobile computer series that improves business productivity and streamlines operations. This cutting-edge addition to the prestigious Memor Series is designed to provide unparalleled flexibility for today’s mobile workforce. Boasting an up-to-date operating system and enhanced processing capabilities, the Memor 11 family delivers superior scanning performance and all-around efficiency. It is the perfect solution for those who need versatility for in-store retail operations and inventory management, inbound/outbound warehouse logistics, manufacturing traceability and quality control, and for transportation and logistics applications. The Memor 11 family comfortably exceeds all requirements.

Customers can choose between Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi/Cellular models to best suit their needs and stay connected no matter what their use case. The Memor 11 family can be seamlessly deployed indoors or in combination with outdoor operations and field mobility.
Key features
One of the key benefits of the Memor 11 family is its superior scanning performance. It is equipped with a high-quality barcode scanner that allows users to capture data quickly and accurately, even in low light conditions such as dark warehouses. In addition, the Memor 11 family features a high-end 2D scan engine, making it an excellent choice for applications that require high-speed scanning.

The Memor 11 family comprises a series of rugged handheld computers with a sleek, compact, and durable design, making them easy to carry and use in a variety of work environments. Its ruggedness has been proven to withstand more drops than comparable devices on the market. It is an ideal choice for environments where durability is essential, such as in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other harsh or industrial environments. The Memor 11 family has enterprise support built-in and will remain current throughout its lifecycle: businesses often rely on their mobile computing devices to perform critical tasks, and any unplanned downtime or failures have a significant impact on operations.

In addition, the Memor 11 family comes with a quick Octa-Core processor running up to 2.3 GHz, which, when combined with the 4 GB of onboard RAM allows multiple applications to run simultaneously without compromising performance. This allows users to seamlessly switch between applications without any lag, significantly improving productivity.

The Memor 11 family is equipped with advanced battery management and wireless charging features to keep the device running smoothly and efficiently. The long-lasting replaceable battery allows users to easily swap out the battery without having to turn off the device.

The Memor 11 comes with built-in SafeSwap™ technology, which ensures that the battery is properly secured and protected during the changeover process, reducing the risk of any damage or interruption. The efficient wireless charging system provides reliable contactless charging, reducing maintenance and promoting efficient charging. This eliminates the need for cables, making the device more convenient and easier to use.

The Memor 11 offers versatile Smart Battery Management, allowing users to customize the battery profile in a variety of ways. This includes options to extend battery life by up to 20%, which is particularly useful for operators who rely on their devices over long periods.

Datalogic's unique Green Spot technology is another key benefit of the Memor 11 family, providing the user with highly visible feedback when a scan is successful. This is essential in extreme lighting conditions, where traditional scanning devices may struggle to provide clear indication of a successful read.

The Memor 11 family is certified as Android™ Enterprise Recommended, having passed Google's rigorous testing, and is guaranteed to meet the performance, security, and privacy standards required for enterprise use. The Android 11 operating system and robustness of the device make it a rugged Android handheld computer. Android 11 is designed to work seamlessly with enterprise applications and offers a wide range of tools to help businesses manage their devices.

The Memor 11 family also comes with Google Mobile Services, including a suite of applications and services such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, and Google Play. This makes it easier for customers to deploy and manage the device, as well as access a wide range of business-focused applications.

This outstanding mobile computer is backed by Datalogic’s world-class service coverage, including EASEOFCARE, providing comprehensive repair and maintenance coverage. In addition, Datalogic Shield provides protection against accidental damage and other issues. These services allow customers to extend the life of their Memor 11 devices and get the most out of their investment in rugged devices.

The Memor 11 family is fully backwards compatible with all Memor 10 accessories, helping companies save on upgrade costs and reduce the total cost of ownership. Choose the Memor 11 family of mobile computers for unparalleled efficiency and power, now and for the future!
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