Queue Busting


Customers become frustrated waiting in checkout lines, especially when they only have a small amount of items to purchase. With Queue busting, store associates scan their items while customers are waiting in queue, providing enhanced customer service and interaction during peak periods of business. Customers welcome the faster checkout process because their overall satisfaction is increased.

A Joya™ device, connected to a portable printer, scans the bar codes on the items in a customer's basket/cart while they wait in line. When completed, a portable printer generates a ticket that includes a 2D bar code containing all the information from the scanned items and a 1D bar code for each of the 'unknown bar code' items.

At the checkout, the cashier scans the 2D bar code and then manages the unknown items leveraging any 1D bar codes. The transaction can then be completed with the POS system printing the final receipt for the customer.

LIMITED DISTRIBUTION: the Queue Busting App is available only in the Americas, EMEA, Greater China and Australia. The Queue Busting App is not currently available in the Southeast Asia regions. Contact your local Datalogic representative for more information. 
Queue Busting
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