Shopevolution 7

Shopevolution 7 is Datalogic‘s latest Omni-channel middleware for Self- Shopping, Queue-busting and Store Floor applications.

Shopevolution 7 introduces 3 major enhancements:

    Shopevolution 7 is Cloud-ready, providing these main benefits for retailers:
    - No Shopevolution server is needed in the store, cutting costs of the retailers for hardware, software and maintenance services.
    - One Shopevolution 7 Cloud Multi- Store instance can manage multiple stores; each store can have its own product pricing, customer database, promotion policies, time zone, etc.
  • SUPPORTS JOYA™ TOUCH, smartphones and other devices
    - Shopevolution 7 supports the complete family of Joya devices for use throughout retail applications as well as smartphones, ensuring an Omni-channel and seamless shopping experience for customers, leveraging the same GUI (graphical user interface) in different devices.
    - Shopevolution 7 ensures a seamless shopping experience and enhanced consumer features such as Shopping List, Social Shopping, eCoupons, product information, and Consumer Surveys.
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