Accelerate your tire sorting capability
Discover what the unrivalled STS320, the latest member of the Matrix family of products, can do for you. This is the best in class solution for the most demanding of tire tracking and traceability solutions. Not only do you get top performance, but an out-of-the-box solution that is ultra-competitive, and quick and simple to install, configure and operate. Datalogic has always been the leader when it comes to tire sorting, and this latest model utilizes the newest technologies used by the most advanced Matrix 320 family when it comes to sorting, inspection and testing. The combination of performance excellence, improved diagnostics capability, and reduced total cost of ownership make the STS320 the topmost choice for end users, machine builders and system integrators.
Broaden your view with a compact top performing solution
The STS320 has outstanding read performance far in excess of 99%, ensuring the highest productivity and reduced reworking cost for a quicker return on investment (ROI). What you are getting is a compact unit with an extra-large field of view of up to 1250 mm provided by its revolutionary new sensor technology. This also lends itself well to its ability to read high code resolutions down to 0.25 mm and at speeds of up to 1.5 m/s. There really is nothing quite like it when it comes to achieving high production throughput and a coverage for a very wide range of applications. There are no longer any limitations on being able to work at the highest production throughput speeds. Any non reads or damaged codes will still be caught and flagged.
See benefits immediately with an out-of-the box solution
Installation of the STS320 is simple, quick and intuitive. It is an out-of-the box solution, fully pre-assembled, pre-configured, and validated from the factory. A simple T-bolt fixing design allows for one person to easily install and set up the STS320. The device configuration is also rapidly made. If a reader gets damaged at any point, replacing it is easily achieved using an innovative quick release bracket.
Seebenefitsimmediatelywithanout-of-the boxsolution
Increase overall productivity through complete new diagnostic suite tools
The STS320 reader is easily monitored remotely from a web page. A simple web interface allows for real-time performance monitoring and continual feedback on insights gathered during production runs. As with the other 320 family products, the configurable multi-colored 360° feedback provides a highly visible indication of a good or a bad read, or if the reader is still in configuration mode. The live high-speed image saving allows post processing performance analysis and diagnostics to identify label issues and increase the production throughput.
Operate even in the harshest of environments
The STS320 is easy to install and excels along all your production chain, including high risk areas of tire manufacturing such as during vulcanization, where high levels of sulphur gas are present. The IP67 rated hardware and operating temperature range of -10 to 50° C ensures that your readers will withstand the harshest of production conditions. This unmatched robustness provides long term and low maintenance optimal operation that no other readers on the market can provide. The resilience offered by the STS320 makes it the most cost-effective solution for the full range of tire sorting applications.
Driveyourtiresortingtothenext level
Drive your tire sorting to the next level
The STS320 is fully backwards compatible if you have any previous STS400 readers from past generations. Datalogic already has a very strong brand awareness and reputation within tire sorting and this has just been given a boost with the simple installation and long-term reliability offering. The toughest industrial grade exterior, state-of-the-art high performing interior, and unmatched long-term performance make this the most competitively priced solution available today for all your tire sorting needs. Tire traceability just becomes even more powerful in today’s demanding supply chain. The STS320 from Datalogic: the tire leader strikes again!
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