The software suite to monitor Datalogic devices and extract value from collected data that helps keeping top performances.
WebSentinel™ Plus
WebSentinel PLUS is the advanced monitor and information collector for SIS portfolio. 

It is key for an effective control of Auto-ID processes  in both Factory Automation and Logistics application.

WebSentinel PLUS provide real-time statistics, diagnostics, quick viewing of parcel/item features (image, dimension etc.) and functional reporting tools.
WebSentinel™ Plus Investigator
INVESTIGATOR is an upgrade to the WebSentinel Plus image analysis, obtaining data (including images) for Datalogic Industrial Barcode Readers based on imaging technology such as the AV and Matrix series.

With INVESTIGATOR, it is now possible to extract value from the data (decoding process results and images), enabling the Collect-Analyze-Prevent cycle which helps keeping Auto-ID performances at the top. In particular, ‘No Read’ image analysis will provide automated recognition of the main ‘No Read’ root cause (no label, damaged label, obscured label, etc.).
Websentinel plus investigator
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